Ballroom Bliss – #RockThatCrystal

Ballroom Bliss – #RockThatCrystal


Ballroom Bliss – #RockThatCrystal

My First Experience

I often think back to my Paris trips – trips to Old Montreal – my trips to Colombia – I always love seeing heritage buildings – there is just something about the way that those buildings were built – the thought that went into building them – all the manual work – the artistry – the elegance – I just can’t get enough of it. With always being in search of buildings, rooms etc that have that same European vibe – I stumbled upon the King Edward Hotel – a hotel that is just stunning in so many ways. I had the opportunity to try out the infamous brunch – in one of their ballrooms – it was absolutely incredible – not just the food – but the ambiance – the high ceilings – ornate furniture – the detailing – crown moulding and the chandeliers – breath-taking.


I had heard a lot about the ‘other’ ballroom that had not been unveiled yet – another gorgeous room that was not being utilized – but that had history – and something wonderful to offer – as once it had been restored. We saw old photos of the space – when you looked at these black and white photos – you started to see the space come back to life. I envisioned people dancing – mingling – all the dullness in the photo suddenly started to fade – and colour started coming back – it is amazing what we can see when we envision things – when we allow ourselves to really see beyond something that is put in front of us and start to give it life!

Walking In

When I finally entered the room that had now been fully restored – fully renovated – and brought back to its original glory – I was overwhelmed! The columns were beautiful – the gold detailing everywhere couldn’t be missed! Apparently, as we discovered, there are only two people in the world, who are officially qualified to restore gold detailing in heritage buildings like this – and in this case, that someone had to be flown in from Paris to complete this project. The hours that must have gone into it – the result was breathtaking. The theme of the night was a very 1920s oriented – a lot of ornate headbands, flashy dresses and fresh faces! There was Jazz playing in the background – a live band that was amazing and really kept well with the overall theme!


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