Crest Whitestrips


Crest Whitestrips

Crest White strips have always been a thing for me! I have always liked having them on hand because I happen to be quite the coffee and red wine drinker, so after some time, I love the idea of being able to apply whitestrips and sort of get a refresh on the brightness of my teeth!

These days – everything is all about how we look – how we present ourselves – and that includes how bright and white our teeth are as well! We don’t realize it sometimes, but the smallest details can make all the difference with a first impression. I – like anybody love to enjoy multiple things that can darken our teeth over time – but sometimes even proper hygiene and maintenance still aren’t quite enough to give your smile that extra sparkle.

With most things that I try out – I always love to change things up and not necessarily stick to one thing for a very long time – I just always keep in mind – too much of anything might not be a good thing – so I every so often I will use baking soda to brighten my teeth – try to drink water after having a beverage that might stain my teeth – brush regularly of course – and then go to my trust white strips for that little refresher!

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