Empowering Girls – Why Volunteering Makes Se...

Empowering Girls – Why Volunteering Makes Sense for Your Career!


Empowering Girls – Why Volunteering Makes Sense for Your Career!

One of the biggest problems for young millennial these days is really determining how to work towards achieving your ultimate career goals – figuring out what your next steps are going to be…and how to go about doing it in a way that feels worthwhile. Without a doubt, we all need to sustain ourselves – we need to find a job that at least allows us to meet the bare minimum requirements for survival, but at the end of the day – we want to actually work towards making it to our dream job…whatever that may be! Volunteer positions are always a great way to do this – they open doors – help us develop essential skills and give us the experience we need to make our resumes more impactful.

Thinking back to when I was in high school and even as a university grad – the ongoing question in my head was “how am I going to develop the skills that I need to apply for jobs in my industry” and more importantly, how am I going to get the experience that I need…in order to be eligible for consideration? It always feels like working our way towards our dream job just isn’t going to be a straight and narrow path, but I’ve discovered that there are programs and opportunities that really will help us get there faster. Rather than picking up 2 or 3 part-time jobs that have no direct connection to the type of job you see yourself in – in the near future – why not actually gain relevant work experience to build your resume and stand out to employers?

Girls Guides of Canada (GGC) offers up some really awesome volunteer positions that not only give you a chance to be part of an organization that is all about empowering girls, but that also makes it easy to work towards developing skills that are essential for achieving your career goals. For example, as a Unit Guider, you have the opportunity to mentor young girls and empower them – really help them build their self-esteem and guide them through programs in community service, engineering, math, financial literacy and more.   The volunteer program is also a great way to develop valuable transferable skills such as leadership, communication, interpersonal and mentorship skills…to name a few. Volunteer experience like this will definitely help to set you apart from other applicants and should help you get your foot in the door faster – so you’re really only ever gaining, when joining programs like this!

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