Every Girl’s #DayDream – Google &...

Every Girl’s #DayDream – Google & Virtual Reality

Every Girl’s #DayDream – Google & Virtual Reality

DayDreaming & France

Thinking back a few years – the first time I really started appreciating this whole #daydreaming concept – was when I hopped on to an #AirFrance flight – my first flight ever actually – and landed in the South of France – Oh NICE!! – how #nice you were to me! The sun was shining – there were #palmtrees everywhere – #beaches and #bistros were close by – you could hear the horns of #scooters honking as they made it through every roundabout – it was really quite beautiful! So as I wait to see a sign held up with my name on it – a driver who was scheduled to pick me up – and and take me to the villa that I would be staying in – I decide to sit down right outside this cute chic airport – and catch a little bit of that amazing breeze that kept coming in – something I ‘caught wind of’ while I was picking up my baggage! While I sat outside just soaking in the experience – I really started to #DayDream – I started to envision what the next couple of months would be like – I started thinking about everything that made me happy – all the things that I wanted to accomplish in my life – all the things I wanted to try while I was there – just so much on the go – endless thoughts and endless things to get excited about! I very quickly started to feel that general ‘weight’ that sits on your shoulders – just lift off so effortlessly – things started to ‘really’ get clear – everything made ‘total sense’ and there was no doubt in my mind that I was in the right place at the right time. I felt like I was floating and really just bouncing from one thought to the next – from cloud to cloud – dream to dream – happy thought to happy thought – nothing quite so heavenly! This is when I really started to understand what ‘daydreaming’ was really all about – I finally started to grasp what the #french always spoke about – I thought to myself – this #daydreaming here … it must be a part of that #joiedevivre that is talked about so often!

From DayDreaming to Virtual #DayDream -ing!

Daydream is Google’s Mobile Virtual Reality Software platform … and all it takes to go from DayDreaming to Virtual #DayDream -ing is an awesome @Google #DayDream headset … teamed up with my @Google Pixel 2 phone and voila – enter into a new world of fun … fabulous 360° experiences! #VirtualReality is literally the “future” … in my mind – it’s incredible how great it is that you can experience pretty much anything in the virtual world. With all of the advancements in technology that we continue to see – come continued improvements in quality of our lives – particularly where the elderly are concerned. There are more and more articles that suggest the importance of having ‘company’ in your life – a ‘purpose’ – someone to ‘talk to’  – something to keep you active and engaged – so as to live a more fulfilled life! This access we now have to #VirtualReality – to another ‘world’ that allows us to ‘escape’ and ‘experience’ for a bit – will really help combat so much of that which is ‘missing’ in our lives.

Now Let’s Get A Little Techy!

When testing out this product and take a deeper dive into the whole experience – there were a couple of things that I loved! For one – the controller was literally one of the best that I’ve ever used – it pairs up via Bluetooth – super fand fits right into the back of the headstrap – when you’re not using it – so definitely super #convenient – and it keeps things all in place! It’s used for practically everything – not only can it be mirrored virtually – but it also allows you to sift through menus easily and allows you to control those lovely #Avatars that enhance our experience!

There are a ton of free games and content to download! Some of the apps and games you have to purchase.

One of my favs:

“The Turning Forest”

An interactive virtual reality fairytale for all ages with spatial sound. In a magical forest, a young child stares into the eyes of a fantastical creature and together they embark on an unforgettable journey. Since its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Turning Forest has been captivating audiences around the world with its award-winning spatial audio and delightful visuals.”

Click here for more info!

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