Fitness is Fun with a #SUPPORTSYSTEM

Fitness is fun with a #SupportSystem

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we don’t always think of ‘working out’ as fun or fulfilling, but it is can honestly be both of those things! To combat those feelings, I started by reaching out – I realized that having a strong #supportsystem can really make all the difference. I also started setting some goals for myself and really thinking about ‘why’ I was doing all of this. Once I really started thinking about the why, it just started to become something that was just important in my life….and that should really become part of my regular routine.

One of the reasons why I really like the YMCA, is because it has such a strong community feel! I realized that I wasn’t really ever alone when I went there! I started looking into classes that I could take and other programs that they offered…and just felt a sense of comfort.

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I absolutely love how I am feeling and love that this is one of the ways in which I can connect with my friends and family. Life gets so busy these days that I honestly sometimes feel like there is no time left to lookout for myself and to connect with the people that I really care about…but joining programs together and working out together with friends and family….not only improved my overall physical health…but also helped make me feel healthier on an emotional level.

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