Gin – A Genuine #Sipsmith Experience

Gin – A Genuine #Sipsmith Experience


 Gin – A Genuine #Sipsmith Experience

To start, I want to say that I have never really been a Gin drinker! I absolutely love Red wine – along with all of the other health benefits that come with drinking it – at least that is what I tell myself ;). I have dabbled in a bit of the scotch and whisky arena as well, but have never really explored Gin to its fullest – I suppose this mostly has to do with the fact that every experience I have had to date with Gin, has not necessarily been a pleasant one – at least not something that I would ‘choose’ to do, for pure enjoyment and relaxation.

I am however a very open individual, and never like to fully close the door on anything, as I’m aware that things, people and perspectives can always change…and that life itself…or just things…and new experiences…can definitely surprise you – in great ways!

I had the opportunity to attend the Sipsmith Gin Palace event at The Drake Hotel the other day – where they were served up some awesome hors d’oeuvres and cocktail pairings with a new, premium Gin called #Sipsmith London Dry Gin. It’s a UK brand that originated in London – passionately explained to us by Sam Galsworthy – the Co-Founder of the brand! This Gin is honestly an experience – it is super smooth and each sip takes you on a journey that has you feeling completely at peace. I had a chance to try it in a cocktail, but then was even more impressed, when I had the Gin on its own – who knew Gin was so great!  With each sip, my perspective changed – a real winner and something that will be definitely be available at my next get-together – so come on over! 

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