Pride Parade! A #ShareLove Experience with @Telus

Pride Parade! A #ShareLove Experience with @Telus


Pride Parade! A #ShareLove Experience with @Telus

Pride – all about being proud of yourself – being proud to be exactly who you are – happy with what you have to offer – this is what it is all about! We are so fortunate here in Toronto to really have a chance to celebrate…be happy and truly enjoy our lives…with full freedom! I had the opportunity to walk with @Telus again this year and really be a part of this amazing event – walk with Pride in the Pride Parade!

Started the day with a little blogger brunch – @stef.sanjati @savandstuff @leilyfigΒ @littleeleahΒ @dobbernation @lukemonastero @adammonastero @ryanthomaswoodsΒ @vaismamoliveira @br_webb

…then we all headed over to where the real action was at! This is where we met up with the glam squad and really got our ‘sparkle’ on! There was glitter everywhere and I have never been happier! The weather was absolutely amazing – the sun was shining and there were smiles everywhere – just something about that Vitamin D that makes everything so much better!

There is just something that amazing that happens when people really start focusing on love – on the bigger picture and on what life is all about and what it ‘should’ be all about! The sense of community and support was so strong there that day and I was so happy to be a part of this…and to be really just be drawing attention to such positive messaging! The @chicsophistic brand is all about empowering women, and that day, I was not working to get that message across, but I was able to really empower others as well! That is one of the reason why I love partnering with Telus – they truly believe in the initiatives that they invest in – and they take it to the next level! When they say they support something, they really make it happen – and they really do ‘support’ in every way possible!

If you want to support! Use hashtag #ShareLove – for a chance to win a trip to Canada Pride in Montreal on Aug 20 courtesy of @TELUS!

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