5 Reasons Why Tights are In!

5 Reasons Why Tights are In!


5 Reasons Why Tights are In


Tights are awesome in the sense that you can make a statement about who you are by which tights you choose to wear, but they are also super practical in the sense that they can keep you warm in the winter (colder) months and looking cool and chic in the hotter months! They are basically your way into wearing what our parents like to refer to as ‘long johns’…but you aren’t affecting your sense of style in anyway – and still making use of your tights – on the practical side!

Colour + Texture

When I first discovered the whole world of tights – I realized that there was so much out there that I wasn’t taking advantage of! I started to see how artistic I could be and how creative the whole industry has gotten over the past few years! We have a variety of colours and textures to choose from now – which make tight shopping…all the more fun!

Functional + Versatile

One of my favourite things about tights – and girls…you are totally going to relate – is that they are super functional. If one of my tights rips on my way to an event or to a brunch date…I can easily carry a second pair with me in my purse without it taking up too much room. Most girls I know are like me…in that they want to have every possible solution for every situation…located in the pockets of their purse – i.e. gloss for chapped lips, extra pair of shoes in case the heels get uncomfortable…a scarf in case the theatre or cafe you are going to gets too cold or has a vent blowing above your head…you get the picture πŸ˜‰


One of the other things that I ‘love’ about tights, is that you don’t really have to break the bank to actually <change up your look>. If a season changes…or there is a new colour on trend…picking up a new pair of tights…really doesn’t cost too much and totally changes up your overall look!


Lastly – tights have been in since I can remember – most movies that I watch – whether they are modern day or from the 50s or 60s – tights were always a thing! The line down the leg – a sexy version – bold colours – keeping you looking trendy and flirty – or classic black tights which always pull together an outfit! Celebrities are also wearing them on stage a lot – keeps the outfit exciting and also keeps your legs looking nice and smooth πŸ˜‰







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