Fashion, Family + Food – Holiday Cheer

Fashion, Family + Food – Holiday Cheer


Family, Fashion + Food – Holiday CheerΒ 

I had the best time with family over the holidays – this time of year is always so magical and there is always so much to do! We tend to think that when it is cold outside, we are going to be forced to stay indoors and hibernate…but it is all in how you look at things…and highly dependent on what coat you decide to buy πŸ˜‰ All jokes aside, I really have noticed that making the right choices when it comes to winter clothing and outwear, really makes all the difference. I recently invested in a MooseKnucklesΒ jacket that has literally changed my life – I was one of those people that honestly thought I could get awayΒ with that staple jacket that was more affordable, but then I would inevitably be freezing all the time. After actually moving forward with in the purchase, I realized what I had been missing out on all these years – fun winter activities that I would have said ‘no’ to in the past, but that I now could actually enjoy and participate in!
On that note, over the last couple of months, I had a chance to check out some beautiful Holiday Markets – the @STC Holiday Market, the Distillery District Holiday Market, and the Baker’s Market…and really get a taste of the season! I love doing things like this because it brings up really good memories from childhood and just makes me feel good in general.

Family + Decor

The other thing that is a must-do during the holidays, is spending time with family and loved ones! This year, my sister decided to host and let me tell you…it was pretty unforgettable! I absolutely loved all of the gold, green, red and silver that I was seeing in the space…and how that continued through the food and drinks that were served as well. I really started to appreciate the whole idea of ‘hosting’ and understanding what was really involved…and how just a few little touches, could make all the difference!


Santa was pretty kind to me this year! I received a few little gifts – some of them before Christmas day…sssshh – but decided to feature one of my favs! I fell in love with this sweater from @ClubMonacoΒ – the shoulders on this sweater were super cute – they really emphasized my shoulders. I ended up sporting that for the rest of the day – it even looked pretty cute paired with my @LoleΒ leggings.Β 

Food + Drink

I had to grab a quick photo of the table set up and all of the goodies that were on display! The table setting with individualized crackers was a nice touch. Once we opened them up, we each were presented with a paper crown, personalized ornament and message. This had us all sharing and laughing at the table – a nice little way to get the meal started! There were also homemade desserts and other tasty treats for us to try out – an amazing night overall!

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