Supermodel Search Canada – A Fashion Show Ex...

Supermodel Search Canada – A Fashion Show Experience


Supermodel Search Canada

I had the best time at Supermodel Search Canada the past week! I was invited to come and check out all of the action – get backstage access to everything and connect with each of the contestants!

Day 1

Day 1 was filled with buzz, excitement and challenges – first challenge was a swimwear challenge – all the models had no idea that they would be taking photos that day in their swimsuits – they also were not going to be receiving any direction on how to pose or what to do during the shoot – so this was a great opportunity for them to really showcase their ability to pose in the best way possible – making sure that they know exactly what angles work for them – taking lighting and backdrop into consideration. This was so much fun – just observing each contestant and seeing how each one really reacted under pressure.

We then changed venues and had a chance to see all the models rounded up for a designer dress challenge! The dresses were absolutely gorgeous – they were ornate, colourful and beaded – just beautiful overall!

Day 2

This day was filled with another set of challenges – the first one was a jewellery challenge and the second another swimsuit challenge. All of the models had to walk in the pool area – circle around the water (make sure not to fall in of course – lol) and come right back around strutting their stuff. Watching the girls come down the lane was pretty awesome – really made me think about what it feels like to battle your fears everyday and take a leap in life – pursue your dreams and just do it – exactly as these girls were doing! I will say they also had men come out in their swimsuits Β – if you managed to catch my stories on ‘instastories‘ – you didn’t miss out πŸ˜‰

Day 3 – Finale

Day 3 was also just as awesome – this was the final day and we had the Fashion Show to look forward to! We arrived just in time and were seated in the front row – and therefore…had a chance to see every single design in detail πŸ˜‰


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