4 Reasons Why Smiling is Healthy For You!
As part of your daily life – for most of us I’m sure – we interact with people every single day. Whether you are heading out to meet a friend for coffee – or rushing to that interview for your dream job – or perhaps you’re going to a friend’s wedding this weekend – you’re likely going to be chatting it up – making connections and well – likely also doing a lot of smiling! Some of you might be saying to yourselves – “Well – I can pretty much go all day without smiling – and I’m still enjoying my life” … but what I want to share with you today – is all the reason why you really need to start smiling and why your smile really makes a difference in your day-to-day life!

A smile can really change things – it can tell someone how you are feeling – what you are thinking – and whether or not you are really enjoying that interaction. For the person who is on the other side – they are also looking at you and interpreting all of this – and while we can’t claim this as a fact – what we can say is that it has often – if not always been said – that those who smile and have that glow about them – tend to exude a certain confidence – and confidence is definitely sexy!.

4 Reasons Why Smiling Is Healthy For You:
  • Smiling changes your mood and outlook
  • Smiling helps to reduce stress
  • Smiling actually has an impact on your brain – it can change the pattern in which your brain works
  • And…Smiling is super contagious

Now many people will probably come back and say – well – “I would love to smile everyday but I don’t like how my teeth look” – or the one that is probably the “MOST” common one is – “I don’t like to smile because my teeth are yellow”. I know this is often something that plagues so many – but what people don’t always realize is that there are quick – easy – professional and even ‘fun’ solutions out there that can make almost an immediate change on that front!

I landed on the Oralgen NuPearl (@oralgen) Whitening Kit and it is truly incredible. It super easy and simple to use – and the results are amazing. I’ve been to see so many dentists in my lifetime and had a few teeth whitening treatments done on my teeth – and nothing has felt and looked quite as good as this – to be honest. My teeth tend to be pretty sensitive as well – but this treatment kit really did the trick without any pain or sensitivity after I finished with the treatment – so again – totally a great way to go!
Every person only has a few seconds to make an impression and really create that connection – so why not make it a good one. One where you feel confident and where you’re fresh white smile says it all! The best part about the @oralgen Teeth Whitening Kit is that it is Free of Latex, Parabens, Sulfates and Sodium Fluoride – makes me feel so much better about the whole experience. You enhance my life and make it even easier to walk around confidently everyday!

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