Travel. France. Beaches. Wine. Cheese. La Vie!

Travel. France. Beaches. Wine. Cheese. La Vie!


Travel. France. Beaches. Wine. Cheese. La Vie!

So, if you have been tuning in regularly and following up with what I have posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you might have noticed that I went on a lovely trip to France – the South of France, to be specific – and oh boy…was it ever amazing!


I absolutely couldn’t get over the view – it was incredible. For this trip, we booked a villa so that we could go to local markets and buy some delicious food – fresh food – which we often brought back to the villa and used what we picked up to create some amazing dishes! There is something very relaxing and wonderful about booking a place and really making it your home for the week. That view that I just mentioned – yeah – I woke up to that every single day. It is what I saw when I had my espresso in the morning, when I went for a dip in the pool and when I was relaxing with a lovely glass of red wine at night – just breathtaking.


The villa that we stayed in was literally a 20 minute drive from St. Tropez, but also had other adorable neighbouring towns that we could visit, so we did just that! As I mentioned above, we looked at the schedule to see when some of those towns had their markets running, so that we could experience a bit of the buzz, but also try out some fresh food! The smells and scents that surround you are just amazing – it is as if your mind gets transported to this place where you literally have no stress or worries holding you back, you truly just start living in the moment. I noticed some things that were similar across different towns and markets – soaps were hugely popular – also saw a lot ofΒ herbes de Provence – noticed cheese was certainly also at the forefront of it all – but I think we already knew that one! When it came to fruits and vegetables – there was no arguing that things were definitely organic and just real in every sense of the word – you could really tell…because no one fruit or vegetable looked like the other – they were different colours, shapes, sizes – just completely natural…and might I say – absolutely delicious!


One of my favourite things about France in general, is how all of their bistros and cafes are designed – also really love how many of them there are! It’s almost as if there is always some sort of buzz, excitement, laughter happening on the streets – you feel like things are just always alive and well! I popped into a couple of cafes – and both experiences left me wanting to move to the Riviera. I literally just ordered an espresso at one…and a glass of rose at the other – and just sat there on the patio – people watched, took deep breaths, reflected on my past, present and all that I wanted to achieve in the future – it was pure bliss!



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