FashionCAN 2017

FashionCAN 2017 Fashion Season We are definitely heading into ‘Fashion Season’ – there are fashion shows popping up everywhere right now! We are getting close to transitioning from Winter to Spring – so it’s always exciting to see what new fresh styles are coming out and what we’ll be seeing on the runway! I arrived…


Coffee or Tea?

Tea Time! Along with all of my other New Year’s Resolutions – I have been looking to explore new things this year – create new experiences and crossing off a few more things on my bucket list! When I check in with friends and family, this tends to be the time that people start dropping…


Winter Classics

Winter Classics We often wonder what makes something ‘classic’ – when does something going from being ‘trendy’ and ‘in’ for now – to being ‘in’ forever! The trouble with this…is that there isn’t really a formula that we can follow or look to…to make that distinction – but I usually notice a few things…that help…